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September 18, 2014
DMI International

30750 NW Hillcrest Street
North Plains, OR97133 USA

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UV Conformal Coatings with Moisture Cure
Dymax light-cure conformal coatings, for high-density PCBs with shadow areas, cure with ambient moisture over time. Download Conformal Coating guide.
DYMAX Corporation
DMI International

DMI International
Dedicated plastics & metal machining, quality and affordability has placed DMI International as the highest volume pallet manufacturer in the USA since 1989. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality, cost-effective support tooling and assembly aids. Whether for wave solder, placement, screen printing, reflow, assembly jigs, prototyping, or assembly kit parts, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality tooling and assembly aids that perform to your specifications for the purpose intended.

Visiting our product info page and our on-line catalog will aid you in gaining an understanding of the many fixturing and custom plastics machining possibilities available. At DMI, we will build to your design specifications, or, you can request our experienced team of engineers to design and fabricate specific to your specialized application needs.


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